Veton Surroi spreads fake news, but this time not from Koha News

Well-known Kosovar publicist and writer, Veton Surroi, has recently spread fake news from a bizarre Kosovar news portal, according to which Kosovo has allegedly reached an agreement with Serbia in the presence of the U.S. President, Donald Trump.

It remains unknown where Surroi, who seem to be a fan of the fake news, has found such fake news – given that his lie is too obvious and far from being serious.

In fact, his newspaper has repeatedly spread panic and anxiety in the public opinion caused by its unprofessional reporting about Kosovo –Serbia dialogue, Periskopi writes today.

Meanwhile, BIRN journalist, Jeta Xharra, have shared yesterday a series of fake news on her Facebook page, in a form of (amateur) questions she sent to the country’s president.

Her questions, full of speculation and findings, for an attentive reader actually tell that Xhara was simply trying to catch as many likes as possible on her Facebook page.

Here’s one of the questions she addresses to President Thaci:

“3. Are you aware that you are signing agreements that you cannot implement afterwards? How do you comment on the criticisms that you purposely photograph and advertise for today’s needs, while you’re ignoring obligations of tomorrow? ”

Otherwise, both these journalists have never during the last decade apologized for unprofessional reporting and speculation they’ve made on their social network pages, or even on the media they run.

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