Thaçi: The meeting with Kurti was open; we talked about the dialogue as well News

Kosovo President, Hashim Thaci, spoke to the media after the meeting he had with Kosovo Prime Minister, Albin Kurti.

Thaci said part of the meeting was discussion of the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue and faster integration opportunities for the country. He described this meeting as a continuation of meetings with other leaders of political parties.

“It was a meeting that was necessary and indispensable for the benefit of the country and its citizens, for their present and for the future. I consider that following the meetings I’ve had with the leaders of the political parties, meeting with Prime Minister Kurti served as part the process of consultations about further steps that needs to be taken by institutions of the Republic of Kosovo. Therefore the meeting was long, but it was substantial, and I think very open, as we discussed things for which we’ve had opposite views on. We have discussed domestic issues, as well as foreign policy, that is, national interests,” Thaci told the media.

President also said that together with Kurti they’ve concluded that the joint effort of leaders can move the country forward faster, while stressing that with Kurti they had more things that connect them than those that divide them.

“We discussed about reforms and how to move toward European perspective, as well as new national integration opportunities, the role and empowerment of Kosovo in the international arena. And, for the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue. We’ve shared common understanding that the joint efforts of political leaders and institutions can move the country forward, faster and better. I believe there is enough space and substance. There are more things that connect us than those that divide us, for moving the country forward and maintain a lifelong friendship with the U.S.”Thaci said.

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