Scandalous: Kurti forgets that he changed the party statute, demands to be invited by Thaci as prime minister News

After meeting with the Association of Political Prisoners, Prime Minister Kurti told the media that he will meet with President Hashim Thaci, only if the president will not referred to him as the chairman of Vetevendosje but as the prime minister.

“I have requested from him to meet and discuss bout foreign policy, before I went to the conference in Munich,” he says.

“He has responded too late to this invitation, in the course of the meetings he had with political leaders. The aim was to keep our disagreements internally and not to publicly express them abroad. We must meet as heads of institutions,” Kurti explained further.

Otherwise, Albin Kurti is the prime minister of Kosovo and the leader of Vetevendosje, although until recently the party statute forbids him to keep both these posts ate once. The statute is changed now.

It seems that Mr. Kurti forgot that by changing the party’s statute he is effectively the leader of Vetevendosje. In other words, this allows any citizen, president included, to refer to him by this post.

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