Albin Kurti: I’m an anti-American, but there’s a secret deal News

Prime Minister Kurti said that the tariff should be abolished and reciprocity imposed. He thinks that if the tariff is lifted there will be no resumption of dialogue, as there is a secret agreement between the president of Kosovo and Serbia.

“It’s about lifting the tariff and closing the dialogue with a ready deal, between the two presidents. I am convinced that there is an agreement,” Kurti told the Assembly.

“If chances are just 10% that there is a ready deal, we need to be very careful, though I’m convinced there is a ready deal, and that’s the problem. I’m convinced that there is a normal attitude, and this is replacement of the tariff with the reciprocity, and that there is a sublime normal attitude, which is gradual replacement of the 100 % tariff with the reciprocity. During this gradual replacement, confidence-building measures for dialogue would have been created,” Kurti explained, while underlining that he is not an anti-American.

“And, I’m not anti-American, I’m against the Americans. I love America very much,” he said.

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