Bislimi presents the draft-budget to the Commission; former Minister Hamza is against News

The Committee on Budget and Transfers is currently reviewing the Draft Law on Budget Appropriations for the Budget of the Republic of Kosovo for 2020.

Although the Presidency of the Assembly was not in charge of this review procedure, member of the Committee, Bedri Hamza, said that the budget proceeding in this way is not in accordance with the Rules of Procedure of the Assembly.

“I’m not saying that it has not happened in the past, but there is no decision on this procedure and the Presidency doesn’t have any decision on budget review. We, as the committee, are not yet authorized by the Presidency. If I have problem with treating this budget this quickly, I believe that other colleagues have the same problem too,”Hamza said.

Former Minister of Finance demanded the Rules of Procedure of the Assembly to be respected.

Otherwise, against the draft budget was just the PDK member, Bedri Hazma, as six other members and the chairman of the Commission, Hekuran Murati, were in favor.

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