Veseli: Incompetent Prime Minister is endangering the U.S. – Kosovo Alliance News

At an extraordinary press conference, leader of the Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK), Kadri Veseli, said that Prime Minister Kurti is incompetent and is endangering Kosovo’s alliance with the U.S.

“To abuse the position in the Government, and to bring Kosovo to the risk of national security for just few weeks, is unprecedented,” Vesel;i stressed.

“You can be left-wing or you can be right-wing in free Kosovo, but it is unacceptable and dangerous for these ideas to confront our state interest

We have only this state of clear national interest,” Veseli stated further.

“To prevent such damage, together with the deputies of other opposition parties, we have called for an extraordinary session tomorrow at 15:00 – to demand details and answers from this irresponsible Government in relation to its approach to the United States of America,” Veseli concluded.

Otherwise, leader of the opposition appealed to the citizens of Kosovo, regardless any political difference, to raise their voices and oppose this danger, with unpredictable consequences.

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