Veseli: Do whatever you want; the Tribunal cannot be stopped by anyone News

In today’s session of the Assembly, whose main topic is establishment of the Tribunal for Serbian genocide committed in Kosovo, Kosovo Assembly Speaker, Kadri Veseli, has loudly criticized representatives of other political parties for campaigning against his idea for establishment of international tribunal for Serbian genocide.

Veseli says that for two decades no one has ever initiated a trial against Serbian genocide.

“There were no concrete steps, and you’ve just mourned. Why this campaign is so hard now, if someone is initiating something? Why these insinuations? This initiative has nothing to do with me and you, but with our children, so that they will experience what we’ve experienced. I don’t intend to raise any flag for this; it can be raised by whoever you want. However, please be aware that the resolution and all other doings will be voted at the end. Do whatever you want and erase any name that’s been there so far, but the initiative will be approved at the end. Please, do not manipulate the people”, Veseli underlined.

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