Unconfirmed: Kurti have just lost 200 Million Euros of investment from the U.S. for Kosovo

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The United States has delivered its first blow to Prime Minister, Albin Kurti, by blocking planned funding to be invested in Kosovo through MCC.

Sources of the Express Gazette news portal says that Sean Cairncross, the director of the MCC appointed by President Trump, had a phone conversation with Kurti today, and told him that the 50 Million Euros of the MCC will be blocked, same as the gas project – where another 150 Million Euros were also planned to be invested. These U.S. measures followed Kosovo Government’s refusal for dropping the tariff on all Serbian products.

What was reported the day before – and confirmed in an interview of the LDK leader, Isa Mustafa, few days ago – has happened today: The Americans have blocked 50 Million Euros of the MCC.

The worst blow from the United States to Kosovo came as a result of Kurti’s insistence for not dropping the tariff on Serbian and Bosnian goods.

“Kosovo can no longer count on the 50 Million Euros of the MCC, nor on other 150 Million Euros from the gas project, also planned to be invested in Kosovo,” the source of Gazeta Express said.

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