Two teams of doctors in Morina border-crossing; a quarantine room is also ready News

Following increased raids by the border police at the Morina border-crossing with Albania, two teams of doctors from Kukes are on standby 24/7.

These action came after the spread of Coronavirus in China and elsewhere in the world, particularly in Italy, even though doctors say that there’s no place for panic.

Local epidemiologist at the health unit in Kukes, Faton Zenelaj, told Radio Kosova that they’ve been watching all the passengers entering and exiting the Morina-Vermica Border crossing for a month, and there have been no suspected cases by now.

“As you know we’re here for a month. We’ve set up two working teams, which are monitoring the situation 24 hours a day. After they analyzed the overall situation the Ministry of Health has established a task force and decided to double the staff,” he says.

According to Zenelaj, the situation is under control. Even though there were some Chinese nationals from affected areas that crossed the borderline, since they did not travel to China during the recent months, they’ve been clean from the Coronavirus.

“All nationals of states we have in our map are being controlled, but until now we haven’t had any cases,” the epidemiologist said.

Zenelaj also said that there is a quarantine room at the customs office, in case of any suspicious case.

“We have cooperation with the police. They prepared us a quarantine room. We have the equipment, the masks and the uniforms. We have had Chinese nationals who are residing in Europe, but none of them had any suspected signs,” he concluded.

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