The PDK: We’re boycotting you Vjosa Osmani and not the Assembly News

The Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK) has reacted this afternoon, following the statement made by Speaker of Parliament, Vjosa Osmani, according to which the PDK is boycotting the Assembly since February 3.

The main opposition party called this statement a lie, while pointing out that the boycott is aimed against Mrs. Osmani and not towards the Assembly.

“Mrs. Osmani we’re not boycotting the Assembly, but we’re boycotting you! Vjosa Osmani has lied publicly to the reporters today that the PDK is boycotting the Assembly from February 3, the day when the government was voted. This is not true. There will be no boycott she wants. The boycott is for her and her manipulations in order to mechanize country’s highest institution for her political games,” the press release of the PDK says.

“All the citizens attended the session on February 3, and the PDK deputies were there, even they have all discussed during that session.

Whereas, deputies of the PDK were not able to attend the next session on that very day for the election of Speaker of the Assembly, as it was a clandestine session. Deputies of the PDK were notified just 5 minutes before the “session.” It was obvious that it was a session aiming our exclusion, so that the opposition could not participate in it,” the press release stresses further.

“The obvious purpose of this dangerous game was fear from facing the transparency of the dismissal of a Speaker of the Assembly and election of a new one, like Mrs. Osmani, covered by ambiguous political circumstances and dangerous political flirtation with Belgrade, respectively with Srpska Lista. A dangerous precedent was set out that night: the undeclared coalition with Belgrade and Srpska Lista, that will keep this government and this pseudo-speaker of the Assembly alive, which by all means is intending  to expel the opposition leader out,” the press release of the PDK concludes.

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