The LDK reacts to dramatic U.S. threats: Mustafa doesn’t consider Kurti as ‘the voice of the people’ News

Leader of the LDK, Isa Mustafa, has reacted to the U.S. threats, according to which the U.S. troops will be displaced if the tariff on products made in Serbia will not be dropped.

Mustafa said that relations between the U.S. and Kosovo have entered a delicate and critical phase. He says that, the LDK clearly stated its willingness for unconditional lifting of the tariff, while the reciprocity to be considered if it’s agreed with the US and EU, depending on Serbia’s behavior. This is the attitude and the voice of the LDK, Mustafa wrote on Facebook.

The LDK leader also announced that he sent a senior LDK official to meet directly with Ambassador Grenell, in order to get information on the recent meeting between that President Thaci and Vucic had in Washington and to present him the LDK stance.

Meanwhile, Kosovo Prime Minister Kurti stressed that he has no official knowledge about the threats.

“I don’t have such official announcement and I’m a little bit handicapped, considering I don’t even have the time to follow various news and news coming unverified or semi-verified,” Kurti said today.

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