The Kurti Government is governing without program, and with improvisations News

There are 100 days that parties in opposition promised the new Government of Kosovo will have before launching criticism to its governing policies.

However, even before it had three weeks in the government the opposition and its party leaders have been laud on the policies of Prime Minister Kurti.

Warnings on lifting the tariff on imports from Serbia, the dismissal of boards of public companies or changes in the context of government restructuring have raised critics from the opposition.

According to political analysts the new government started its work with enthusiasm, hence it prompted reactions, but the main opposition party, the Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK) thinks that the Kurti Government is ruling without a program and with improvisation.

The Vice-chair of the PDK, Shaqir Totaj, told Radio Free Europe (RFE/RL) that it is evident that all the causes that coalition parties used during election campaign are now put aside. According to him, none of the promises this government has is on its agenda anymore.

“This government doesn’t have a written plan. It works and acts based on the method of instant improvisation. Decisions, like for example that to remove the customs director, represents an approach for political cleansing,” Totaj said.

According to him, the new government was supposed to bring something new, a new dimension and a new quality, and not to deal with the past.

“They are just dealing with corrections of some things that were done in the past. This means that we are not seeing here a vision, a quality, a new dimension, or a new value that we needed,” Totaj said.

The PDK as an opposition party will do its job in order to prevent big mistakes, he added.

“We will wait and see what they will do. What they will do, because we’re witnesses that they have said something else and they’re now doing something else, and since we don’t have a written plan, we don’t know what they will do,” he said.

Political experts think that there is room for criticism and praise for the Government of Kosovo, considering actions it has taken during this short period of governance.

Analyst and researcher at Democracy Plus, Selatin Kllokoqi, told RFE/RL that the issue that is currently causing confusion is the lack of proper planning for reduction of the number of ministries by the Kurti Government.

“We see that this government has started its work with enthusiasm. It took some decisions that seem to be different from other governments. However, we can criticize it because they apparently didn’t have a detailed plan in place on how they will act after they have 15 rather than 21 ministries. It seems that this issue is taking time, as it takes time to plan how resettlement or merging of the ministries will take place. This in a way is also causing tensions,” Kllokoqi said.

An even tougher approach to the new government has the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo (AAK), led by former Prime Minister, Ramush Haradinaj.

The latter has, on several occasions, written statuses on Facebook addressing Prime Minister Kurti firmly that he “should not abolish the tariff” imposed on all imports from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Moreover, during an event described as “symbolic”, held on Monday, the AAK activists sent to the Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, a large package of “Plasma cake” produced by Serbia, as a message to Kurti that they don’t like Serbian products.

The Kosovo Assembly is still in the process of consolidating new parliamentary committees, although the opposition parties there have already warned that they will soon invite Mr. Kurti and his cabinet ministers to report on the decisions they are taking.

The new coalition government between Vetevendosje and the LDK is formed on 3 February. The new Kosovo Government has 15 ministries and two deputy prime ministers. The government is expected to have 33 deputy ministers. So far, several deputy ministers have been appointed, although majority of them still remain unnamed.

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