The Kurti Government has framed its ambitious program; the opposition remains distrustful News

One month after its formation the Kurti Government has managed to frame the governing program for the next four years. Although not yet public, Prime Minister Kurti stressed that the program, which has been drafted on Saturday, sets government’s priorities from the rule of law to the country’s foreign policy. Meanwhile, opposition representatives remain skeptical concerning realization of the [promises made by the Kurti Government, the Zeri newspaper writes today.

An all-day meeting of the Kurti Cabinet was held on Saturday, in Prevalla resort in the Sharr Mountains, during which it was underlined that the governing program for the next four years it’s now framed.

After an eight-hour meeting Mr. Kurti announced that the final version of the governing program will be published soon,  and that it will as well be submitted to the Kosovo Assembly for discussions and its approval.

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