Justice expert comments new employments based on the family ties within Kurti’s Government

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It’s been a month since the Kurti Government started its work. It took just 30 days to see lots of employments based on family or party ties. Although ‘the liberation of the state’ was one of main Albin Kurti’s promises before assuming the post of the prime minister, practice proves otherwise. It is the Defense Minister, Anton Quni, who admitted yesterday that he had comforted his brother Albert Quni within his cabinet.

This not the only case of nepotism hire made this month by the Kurti Government. VV activists have also been comforted in diverse positions. Diellza Arifi, for instance, that is sister of Atdhe Arifi, an activist of Vetevendosje (VV), is appointed as Assistant to the Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development, Imri Demelezi. In addition to Mrs. Arifi, Kurti’s Government employed a close relative of Vetevendosje’s deputy, Sali Zyba. Drilon Zyba is appointed as Personal Assistant to the Minister of Economy, Employment, Industry and Strategic Investments, Rozeta Hajdari, who’s also part of VV.

Brother of the VV deputy, Fitim Uka, Sami Uka is hired as Adviser to Health Minister, Arben Vitia. Another VV militant employed by the government is close relative of Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Xhelal Sveçla, Gezim Sveçla. Sveçla is hired as a Driver for the second Deputy Prime Minister, Haki Abazi (VV).

Ehat Miftaraj from Kosovo Justice Institute (KJI) told Periskopi that family based employments are weakening the aim of good governance and are losing public confidence in public institutions.

“The Kurti Government and the ruling VV -LDK coalition have promoted transparency, good governance and the rule of law in front of the public. Good governance without any doubt includes the recruitment and assignment of political staff from individuals with integrity and professionalism, who will gain public confidence by exercising their powers and responsibilities according to the law. Family based employment in political positions or in positions where public competitions are not necessary will undoubtedly undermine the purpose of good governance, and lose public confidence in public institutions,” Miftaraj told Periskopi.

According to him, the nepotism is a cancer of public administration, as it sends very bad messages to public opinion.

“The nepotism is a cancer of public administration and it sends the worst possible message toward ordinary citizens, that you can get a job only if you’re a politician or a political party affiliate,” Miftaraj added.

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