The Government has no strategy for the New Kosovo power plant News

The new government, led by Prime Minister Albin Kurti, still has no concrete plan on how it will approach the building the New Kosovo power plant.

Even though there is less than two months until the hearing between the Energy Community Secretariat and the Government of Kosovo, where allegations of legal violations in the New Kosovo Power Plant Agreement will be discussed, the Ministry of Economy, Commerce and Finance told the Zeri newspaper that they don’t have yet a concrete strategy on how they will act on this matter.

Civil society representatives have urged the government to withdraw from the contract with the investor, Zeri writes today.

Otherwise, on 17 January a hearing was planned to be held between the Vienna-based Energy Community Secretariat and the Kosovo Government, on suspicions of legal violations made in the agreement to build the power plant. However, the hearing was postponed for April 30, upon the request of previous government of the Republic of Kosovo.

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