The disunity within the SBASHK as some schools attend regular classes News

Although the Law on Salaries will not be implemented for at least four months, the two-hour strike announced by Kosovo’s United Union of Education and Science (SBASHK) has not been respected by all schools in the country.

Some schools didn’t respect decision of SBASHK and continued with the regular teaching process. Elementary schools ”Faik Konica”, ”Dardania” and ”28 November” were among those schools.

In a statement for Periskopi, the head of the SBASHK, Rrahman Jasharaj, says that over 95 percent of schools have respected the two-hour strike called by the Union.

”According to the information we have, so far 95% of schools across Kosovo have complied with the SBASHK decision, and held a two-hour strike,” Jasharaj says.

According to him, the Council will issue an accurate report afternoon on that how many schools have joined the strike of SBASHK.

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