The AJK asks from Prime Minister Kurti to distance himself from Sami Kurteshi and Elvis Hoxha News

The Association of Journalists of Kosovo (AJK) reacted on public statements made by Vetevendosje activists against journalist, Adriatik Kelmendi, following last night’s interview with the new prime minister, during which he repeatedly mentioned changed attitudes of Mr. Kurti since he took the Government.

The AJK says that ‘public lynching’ of Mr. Kelmendi by Vetevendosje officials, Sami Kurteshi and Elvis Hoxha, is deeply disturbing and represents a violation of personal and professional integrity of journalists.

On his Facebook page, Mr. Kurteshi described Kelmendi’s questions as “the police questioning”, while Mr. Hoxha from Albania described Kelmendi as a “sly” and “shallow” person.

“Yesterday’s the Rubikon reporter’s questions contained same shallow cynics as before. Regardless of his sly and shallow cynics he didn’t understand that the prime minister was giving the country dignity, by approving his claims three times during the conversation. In turn, the journalist asked the same question five or six times,” Hoxha’s wrote.

According to the AJK, this is not the first time that party officials lynch journalists, authors and media executives.

“We, as the Association of Journalists of Kosovo, are asking from Vetevendosje officials to stop these lynching practices, with the tendency to intimidate journalists. Such acts will severely damage Kosovo’s image when it comes to freedom of expression and the freedom of journalists to practice their profession,” the report emphasizes.

The AGK also asks Kosovo Prime Minister, Albin Kurti, and the leader of Vetevendosje, to urge his party to distance itself from such dangerous acts for democracy, and to contribute for creation of a better environment, where everyone can express themselves freely, and the journalists can practice their profession without interference by anyone.

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