Thaçi: The visa issue would have been forgotten by now if we wouldn’t face developments of 2015 News

Following his visit to the United States of America, President Thaci held a press conference this afternoon.

Among other things, Thaci was asked on how the Serbian representatives still see Kosovo’s independence as unrealized issue.

In his respond, President Thaci said that Serbia also said that freedom was impossible, but that’s reality now.

“Serbia said that freedom, and independence, and the establishment of our army are impossible, but all these were accomplished. With wisdom and pragmatism we’re convinced that mutual recognition will also take place. And, any agreement achieved will be approved by the Assembly of Kosovo, as everything will be realized in cooperation with all political parties, as it concerns lives of future generations. No one can avoid such importance, especially when it’s clear that the agreement will be within the Constitution of Kosovo,” Thaçi said.

President also stressed that he has always been open for cooperation, and that he will fully respect the Constitution of Kosovo and its constitutional responsibilities, in order to preserve and cultivate institutional unity.

“I’ve always led negotiation process and reported to the Assembly in transparent manner, including the dialogue issue. Now is a new momentum, where a great workload must be respected, as if we lose this moment then we’ll be late in all institutional spheres. We’ll be late for both NATO and the EU, while the international investment will be further deterred,”Thaci clarified.

Further, Thaci said that Kosovo wants progress, thus its leaders are obliged to fulfill their institutional obligations.

“It was encouraging to me Veseli’s motivation for meeting with Mr. Kurti. For me this step is extremely appreciative. I will, as a political leader, also invite all of them in the coming days, for a meeting and in order to inform them – and really I mean, the leaders of the PDK, the LDK, the AAK and the AKR. And in the end, the eventual agreement reached will be voted in the Assembly.

The addressing to the Assembly of Kosovo will be more comprehensive than what I presented today. Advises and recommendations I’ve received as country’s president during the meetings held at the White House, in Pentagon, as well as in all other meetings in the U.S. – besides the opportunity for peace and billion dollars of investments for Kosovo, requires from us to be fair, cooperative and reliable partners in this process”, he added.

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