Tahiri from the AAK: the tariff doesn’t belong to one party, or to two or three

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Spokesperson of the AAK, Besnik Tahiri, reacted upon the statement of the chairman of the LDK, Isa Mustafa, who said that the tariff imposed on all goods coming from Serbia should be dropped.

In a post on his Facebook account Tahiri said that the 100 percent tariff doesn’t belong just to one party, or to two or three, but it’s a national issue.

“Kosovo’s challenge is the reform of the state administration, this is a challenge for all experts to help consolidate and reform the state. I will never stop to help with this process,” Tahiri says.

“However, unilateral decisions should not be taken on the topic of the dialogue with Serbia, and without a political consensus this should not be advanced. 100% tariff is  not an issue of just one party, or two or three, it’s a national issue,”, Tahiri concludes.

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