Strange Konjufca’s plan for fighting Dacic’s diplomacy following the latest loss; the removal of the person that won each time while representing Kosovo News

Vetevendosje had been very harsh on Kosovo’s former Foreign Minister, Behgjet Pacolli, whenever any state in the world withdrew recognition of our independence. However, Kosovo’s new head of diplomacy from Vetevendosje, Glauk Konjufca, had no word for justifying Kosovo’s de-recognition from the African state of Sierra Leone.

This move from Sierra Leone decreases the number of recognition’s for Kosovo to 92, which is less than the number of the UN member states that have not recognized Kosovo.

And instead of compiling a strategy for combating this aggressive Serbian campaign at this crucial moment for the country, Mr. Konjufca proposes withdrawing of seven ambassadors from their diplomatic missions, Periskopi reports.

Among these seven ambassadors is Mrs. Vlora Çitaku, who is known for her dignified appearances at the UN Security Council, and fierce clashes over Kosovo with Mr. Dacic.

Hence, it seems that Mr. Konjufca’s strategy for fighting Serbia’s top diplomat, Mr. Dacic, turns out to be the removal of one of his most valuable and efficient assets in this war: Mrs Çitaku.

Mrs. Çitaku had even defended Prime Minister Kurti few months ago, when the latter had been attacked by Dacic at the UN.

This is a crucial moment for Kosovo, as the argument of the majority of the UN member states has already adopted Kosovo at the table. Kosovo used this argument earlier, as it has been recognized by 115 states.

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