Skender Hyseni: Drop the tariff without reciprocity News

The LDK Presidency member, Skender Hyseni, asked the Kosovo Government to drop the tariff without establishing any reciprocity.

Hyseni has criticized Prime Minister Kurti’s move from yesterday, which was backed by the Assembly Speaker Osmani, by saying that the failures to meet strategic partnership with the U.S., NATO and the EU cannot be forgiven.

“The swaggers and calls on the votes and a populism manipulation is just a hoax,” he wrote on his Facebook account.

Hyseni also adds that if President Rugova was alive, he would not believe that Kosovo is at a political stage where the U.S. advices and suggestions are being contested.

“The major goals and objectives of our state are not achieved by infantile policies, revolutionary maneuvers of the discovery of ‘traitors’ among us, by publicizing sensitive official communication between the authorities of the country and the highest NATO authorities, by breaching thus the very basic principles of diplomatic discretion. The U.S. support and partnership is above all. We must unreservedly support the U.S. Administration Agenda, represented by Special Envoy in the Kosovo-Serbia talks, Ambassador Grenell, which seeks to end a century-long dispute between Kosovo and Serbia.

The Kosovo politics, namely the Government of Kosovo, as rarely before need prudence, wisdom and care, as well as a vision of being together in this vital interest that again links Kosovo and the U.S., as it was the case during the war and in the years of independence,” Hyseni wrote.

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