Regardless Kurti’s refusal for meeting him, Thaci leaves the door open: We need pro-American unity as much as our eyesight News

During the press conference held in the Presidency, President Thaci said that he has invited Prime Minister Kurti for a meeting, for the second time in a row since yesterday, in order to jointly discuss the latest developments, which were dramatic, according to the president.

President Thaci stated that he is very disappointed by Kurti’s rejection to meet him today.

“Surely, in the context of my state obligations, I invited him yesterday in order to discuss new developments, which are dramatic developments. Sam thing happened today, as he again refused to meet, regardless of the fact that there were three options at 10, 10:30 and 12:00,” President said.

However, Thaci added that his invitation remains open and he will welcome Kurti whenever he responds.

According to him, Kosovo is not the property of an individual, but a homeland to all.

“Kosovo is a homeland to all its citizens. We need to work and move forward with unique attitudes. The unique stance is to strengthen the state and maintain both the strategic relations with its Western partners and in particular with the tremendous contributor to the freedom and independence of Kosovo, the USA. The only ally that has never left us alone is the United States of America,” Thaci said.

Thaci has appealed on Kurti to make decisions that are in the interest of Kosovo and its citizens.

“My message again today is that the prime minister must make the decisions he has to, and not to be late on decision-making and to lead the country in the wrong historical direction. Our freedom, our state or our existence makes no sense without our partnership with the U.S.” Thaçi concluded.

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