Melihate Termkolli suggests urgent withdrawal of the LDK from the government News

Former deputy of the LDK, Melihate Termkolli have criticized Kurti’s Government, by emphasizing that neither Enver Hoxha would refer to the US with such humiliation, as his advisers did.

“Are these government i sane or what?! Even dictator Enver Hoxha in his time would certainly not refer to the U.S. with such humiliation and irresponsibility that Prime Minister Albin Kurti and his advisers (Erzen Vraniqi, Elvis Hoxha, etc.) are referring. Prime Minister Kurti and his advisers are an exemplary example of unprecedented behavior in all of Kosovo’s political history, towards the highest representatives of the United States, its President Mr. Donald Trump and his special envoy in the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia, Mr. Grenell ”, Termkolli stated.

Further, Termkolli says that the best thing for the LDK is its withdrawal today from the Government.

“This unprecedented lunacy towards the friendliest and most contributing country to the freedom and independence of our country has not just lowered our state and friendly relations, but has also violated the most basic norms and codes of political conduct towards a country such as the U.S. The most appropriate action for the LDK is its urgent withdrawal from the government, and analyzing options for recovering relations with the U.S. and all other friendly and partner states, as well for raising institutional responsibility of our country to the highest level of interest,” she concluded.

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