Maliqi to Kurti: Russia as well says that there’s no need to rush into dialogue, so let’s listen to Russia News

Kosovo analyst, Agon Maliqi, has ironized with Prime Minister Albin Kurti’s statements, according to which ‘Kosovo doesn’t need to hurry and enter the dialogue with Serbia.’

Maliqi writes that the same thing was said by the Russian ambassador to Belgrade.

“Kosovo has no reason to hurry. We have to listen to the friendly advice of the Russian Ambassador to Belgrade who, in terms of the dialogue, recently reiterated the stance that “there is nothing new [on the Western initiatives] that would allow any compromise,” and that “the time constraints are an enemy of the compromise.” In other words, he is saying that this job is better to wait, as Russia is not ready yet. We should never doubt on the good intentions our Russian friends have. Time is working for Kosovo. Let’s wait until they will find i bit later a more favorable solution, ”Maliqi concludes.

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