Kurti: The tariff will be replaced soon; do not hurry as my government will not make mistakes

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Prime Minister Kurti said today that full reciprocity measures with Serbia will be in place as soon as they’re elaborated by the Ministry of Economic Development.

Kurti made these comments following the opening of the exhibition “The Memory of Kosovo, portraits of Adem Demaçi in painting and photography,” which was organized for his postmortem birthday, the news portal Ekonomia Online reported.

Kurti has asked the media not to hurry, as his government will not make mistakes.

“The tariff will be replaced by reciprocity. Do not hurry as we must first elaborate on reciprocity, and once we receive the analysis by the Ministry of Economic Development we will then replace the 100 percent tariff. But we will not make mistakes, and we will go straight ahead on our proper path,” Kurti said.

On the other hand, concerning the draft budget for 2020, Prime Minister said that it will be concluded during March and will immediately be sent to the Assembly for approval.

“We believe that the draft budget for 2020 will be ready in March, which will be then discussed in the Assembly. In this regard I don’t think we’re late,”Kurti said.

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