Kurti: The tariff has had little effect, as Prime Minister I’m now being prepared for the reciprocity

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In his address to the deputies of the Kosovo Assembly, Kosovo Prime Minister, Albin Kurti said the tariff effects were minimalistic.

“For that reason, as Government and as a Prime Minister, I’m being prepared. We are being prepared for success, as we must not fail. The effects of the tariff were minimalistic, either through smuggling, or for hidden deals like the one on the energy. I’m convinced that my attitude is the right attitude for moving forward, not all or nothing or now or never. Our approach thus is the one that has practically put us on the offensive. Measures that put you in defense; where you have to place yourself within a castle and defend yourself against a coming failure represents a mistake, from the state’s point of view. The reciprocity is deriving from equality. The reciprocity agreement, for the application of the securities, which somehow was made in Brussels, was not made by us,” Kurti said.

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