Kurti: The Jashari family was the KLA before the KLA

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At the session marking the 22nd anniversary of the KLA Epopee, Kosovo Prime Minister, Albin Kurti, said that the Jashari family was the KLA before the KLA.

According to him, their resistance had been prepared for generations and did not begin in March 1998.

“Without the resistance, war and fortitude of the Jasharis there would be no KLA. Without Adem and Hamza there would be no KLA commanders. For the Jashari’s their sacrifice was nothing extraordinary. They were prepared, not just during their lives, but for many generations. Only those who do not know their history are surprised by the Jashari’s. The Jashari’s doesn’t start in March 1998, nor in January 1998, nor in December 1991, nor in 1981, nor in 1968, nor in 1952 when uncle Shaban was arrested, because they all came from Prekaz, the leading place of unrelenting Albanian uprising,” Kurti said.

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