Kurti surrenders and breaks his promises again; He is dropping the tariff without reciprocity?

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Kosovo Prime Minister, Albin Kurti, decided to give up from his main campaign principle – the political, trade and economic reciprocity with Serbia.

At the Government meeting tomorrow, leader of Vetevendosje has decided to lift the 100 percent tariff on all Serbia goods, without imposing the promised recipe, following the international pressure and the LDK’s ultimatum, according to which, if he will not drop the tariff without reciprocity they will oust him from power.

The reliable sources within the LDK have indicated that the ministers of this party had announced a boycott of the Government meeting today; hence Mr. Kurti was forced to postpone it.

“We’ve agreed yesterday that during the next meeting of the Government the tariff will be dropped and that reciprocity will be introduced at this stage, as our international friends are not accepting it. When we realized that this issue is not on the agenda, we’ve warned the Prime Minister that we will not participate ate all in the meeting today. Meanwhile, we’ve agreed that tomorrow at 12:00 the Government will decide to drop the tariff, according to the requests of our international friends, but without reciprocity,” one of the LDK ministers in the Kurti Government clarified.

Otherwise, the ruling coalition VV and the LDK have declined to make any official comment on the decision to drop the tariff.

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