Kurti attempts to smuggle the tariff into the Government, even though he doesn’t have the votes of the LDK ministers

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Kosovo’s Prime Minister, Albin Kurti, announced yesterday his plan for dropping the 100 percent tariff on Bosnian and Serbian products. His idea was strongly opposed by President Trump’s representative, Ambassador Richard Grenell.

Kurti’s idea was also opposed by the Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK), which threatened him with leaving the government if he enters into any confrontation with the U.S.

But it seems like this was exactly what Prime Minister Kurti intended, who has made the tariff projection without any previous consultation with the LDK.

“Kurti will not back down either by the LDK nor by the Americans. His authority as a prime minister is undisputed. He’s an Albanian and not an international. He’s not planning to be internationalized, but he will instead Albanianize decision-making,” a source told Periskopi.

Otherwise, according to sources close to Kurti, despite objection from the LDK he has not withdrawn from his idea and intends to put in on vote during the next Government meeting, even without the LDK support.

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