Kosovo Assembly creates a commission for international tribunal for the Serbian crimes

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Deputy of the Social Democratic Party Faton Topalli, proposed creation of a parliamentary committee, which will harmonize the stances of all deputies for establishment of an international tribunal for the Serbian genocide in Kosovo.

“My concrete proposal for the Kosovo Assembly is establishment of a parliamentary commission which will then, based on the text we received today, harmonize all positions and then, while bearing in mind importance of this great matter for which we’ve discussed over the past weeks in the assembly, we would sit together and harmonize a text which would be approved by the majority of the Assembly members,” Topalli explained.

Moreover, Topalli also noted that he and his party (PSD) are in favor of the tribunal and for putting justice in place by prosecuting all those who committed war crimes. According to him, party lines and interests must be crossed and a dominant consensus should prevail, in order to for the tribunal to be created.

Otherwise, with 62 votes in favor and no vote against Topalli’s proposal was approved by the Assembly.

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