Konjufca: We will clarify the situation for the Jamaica case and then take action accordingly

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Foreign Minister, Glauk Konjufca, has reacted to the situation created with the news of the recognition by Jamaica, which later emerged that this state didn’t recognize us.

In his reaction Konjufca says that Ambassador Çitaku has informed the Foreign Ministry of this recognition. He also says that they’re in constant contact with the U.S. Embassy and that “action will be taken in accordance with everyone’s responsibilities.”

“Ambassador of the Republic of Kosovo to the United States of America, Mrs. Vlora Citaku last night informed via e-mail the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Diaspora on the recognition from Jamaica.

In the professional context, the official information of an Ambassador to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is considered as an accurate act and is therefore treated as such.

We are in constant contact with our Embassy in the U.S. in order to clarify the situation.

As Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Diaspora, after reviewing the situation, I will soon take action in accordance with the everyone’s responsibilities,”Konjufca specifies.

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