Konjufca proposes removal of Vlora Çitaku and six other ambassadors

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Kosovo Minister of Foreign Affairs, Glauk Konjufca, has proposed today the removal of seven Kosovo’s political ambassadors. Among them are Kosovo’s Ambassador to Washington Vlora Çitaku, and Edon Cana, Kosovo’s Ambassador to Bulgaria.

“From the beginning of my mandate, I have pledged to establish law and order in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Diaspora.

Among next steps is the request for the return of political ambassadors who have completed the 4-year mandate, as foreseen under the laws in force of the Republic of Kosovo.

Based on the Article 93, Paragraph 8, and Article 84, Paragraph 25, of the Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo, as well as the Article 13, of the Law No. 03/L-122 on Foreign Service of the Republic of Kosovo (OG 46, 15 January 2009) and based on the Section 10 (Paragraph 9) of the Foreign Service Regulation, and in order to comply with the Section 7.7, of Law No. 03/L-20, on amending and supplementing Law No. 03/L-044 on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Diplomatic Service of the Republic of Kosovo, (OG 76, 10 August 2010), on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Kosovo I propose the withdrawal of these political Ambassadors from their missions:

Mrs. Vlora Çitaku, Mr. Edon Cana, Mr. Lirim Grajcevci, Mr. Shpend Kallaba, Mrs. Mimoza Ahmetaj, Mr. Ylber Hysa and Mr. Ramadan Avdiu,” the announcement of Mr. Konjufca on Facebook states.

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