Ismaili: Position and opposition are together in fighting the coronavirus News

At the Health Committee meeting, Uran Ismaili indicated that this parliamentary committee will support the Ministry of Health by providing the budget for protection against the coronavirus.

According to Ismaili, if the budget would not be approved this could cause delays in meeting very important demands of health professionals. Investments that are required by health professionals should be supported at all costs. Ismaili said that we don’t have time now to wait as each day requires actions that need to be taken for mobilizing the health staff. Ismaili also stressed that the protection of health workers should be a top priority.

In addition, former Health Minister said that all options should be considered concerning places where drugs need to be bought, and that the help from international partners should also be sought.

Other priority should be strengthening the border crossings controls, as the infected individuals usually came from abroad. According to Ismaili, social distance between populations should also be considered, in places where they are heavily populated.

“It is better to be prepared now, and the parliamentary commission will support you. If you need our voice for budget growth, we will help you as well,” he stressed.

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