Former Commander of the U.S. Forces for Europe: Withdrawal of the troops from Kosovo would be a mistake News

Former Commander of the U.S. Forces in Europe, Ben Hodges, said that he is against the withdrawal of troops from Kosovo, as such a move would be a mistake.

Hodges in fact responded to a Twitter status of the U.S. President’s son, Donald Trump Jr. who wrote that time has come for the U.S. troops to return home.

“It would be wrong… KFOR is the only pillar of stability in the region. Leaving them now, before the deal is implemented, would be the same as pulling starters into the fourth quarter, just before taking the lead,” Hodges emphasized.

On the other hand, Austrian politician and deputy, Lukas Mandl, has also opposed withdrawal of the American military forces from Kosovo.

In fact, the whole debate began with a post on Twitter by Senator David Perdue, who wrote that the U.S. should reconsider its presence in Kosovo.

This stance was later the day supported by the U.S. envoy for Kosovo-Serbia dialogue, Richard Grenell, as well as President Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr.

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