EXCLUSIVE: These are the stances of all political parties regarding the tariff and reciprocity

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The Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo is holding an extraordinary session, which is being attended by Prime Minister Kurti and his cabinet. The Periskopi has prepared an overview of political stances of all parliamentary parties regarding the tariff and reciprocity.

Opposition had quite harsh words for the Prime Minister’s during all this session, mainly because he has dramatically hanged his discourse. Moreover, some deputies called him “an ordinary bouncer.”

Vetevendosje (main ruling party):

Vetevendosje insisted on his stance for gradual suspension of the 100 percent tariff, starting from 15 March – firstly, just for the raw materials, and ending on 1 April, with a full suspension for 90-days.

By introducing this form of suspension, Kurti in fact defended complete breach of his promise, for waiving the tariff before imposing reciprocity measures – as he repeatedly promised.

During the season today Kurti says that “the tariff was set gradually, as it was initially 10 percent and later has been raised to 100 percent.” Kurti this way has defended government’s previous decision, and defended his present decision as well.

The LDK (second ruling party):

The Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK) was quite silent during today’s session. Nevertheless, its stance on the issue is well-known. The tariff should be completely dropped – as required by the U.S. – and the government should then coordinate with the U.S. for establishing reciprocity.

Srpska Lista (third ruling party):

This political party has not changed its previous stance; the tariff needs to drop, without   imposing any reciprocity. Of course, Lista Srpska continues to fully support and coordinate the official policy of the Government of Belgrade.

The PDK (largest opposition party):

The Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK) stands in line with the Democratic League of Kosovo. This party also believes that Kosovo relationship with the U.S. should not be jeopardized, and that its relationship with the EU (which had supported the partial drop of the tariff) needs to be reinforced.

The PDK is convinced that there is a difference between the American and European politics. Technically, the EU doesn’t recognize the independence of the Republic of Kosovo, as five of its member states are still opposing its recognition.

The AAK (second opposition party):

The Alliance for the Future of Kosovo (AAK) has reiterated its stance on tariff protection and has strongly opposed Prime Minister Kurti’s decision for its dropping.

The AAK, unlike the PDK, believes that the U.S. demands should not be listened, while Mr. Kurti’s action sees as his surrender to Serbia.

NISMA-AKR (opposition parliamentary group)

Periskopi has failed to get the correct political stance of this political group.

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