Çitaku: Thaçi asked me to continue with my duty

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Although Vlora Çitaku accepts Minister Konjufca’s request to step down, she says that she received a request from President Thaci to continue her work as Ambassador in the U.S.

The decree of dismissal of an ambassador has to be signed by the President. However, in a reaction published on her Facebook page, Çitaku said that she respects Konjufca’s request and will not attempt to stay in position considering that she is no longer desirable by the Government.

However, in explanation that Ambassador provided via Twitter, in English, she added one more sentence.

Çitaku in fact indicates that President Thaci asked from her to continue her mission at Kosovo’s diplomatic mission in the U.S.

“Though the President has exclusive authority over this decision and has asked me to continue serving in my current capacity, I will respect the request of the Government,” Çitaku wrote.

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