By tomorrow, Kurti needs to inform Grenell on dropping the tariff and convincing Serbia to return to negotiations News

Kosovo Prime Minister, Albin Kurti, need to respond by tomorrow to Ambassador Grenell’s “ultimatum” on the issue of a 100 percent tariff on goods from Serbia, a source within Kosovo Government said to Blic newspaper.

“Albin Kurti, as head of the government, needs to respond by tomorrow to Ambassador Grenell on tariff drop and on resuming the dialogue with Serbia,” Blic newspaper quotes the source within the Government of Kosovo.

Meanwhile, in a briefing with reporters, after ‘unveiling the secret deal,’ signed in 2013, between Thaci and the NATO Secretary Rasmussen, Kurti said that he will establish reciprocity measures against Serbia, while he didn’t tackle the tariff drop issue.

“With the Chamber of Commerce we’ve discussed many issues of bilateral importance, but our focus was not the tariff. I am sorry that I have to reiterate our priorities, in order to avoid the impression that Serbia is main priority for our policy. We have many unsolved issues, but that doesn’t change our government agenda,” he says.

According to the Prime Minister, the Chamber of Commerce informed about a number of violations concerning the tariff.

“I was informed that there are many violations through tariff barriers, which are more sporadic than systemic. Apart from one document, Serbia doesn’t accept any other document issued by us. The reciprocity is not to revenge, nor it’s for anger, but it’s because we feel discriminated and want equality. It comes from the concept of equality and is within international and constitutional relations. It’s the most normal, most natural respond.

The reciprocity should be like our water and air, but when you are oppressed then reciprocity seems radical. It’s not true; we will do it not for the sake of Serbia but for our own sake. We must protect the interests of the state,” Kurti stressed.

Meanwhile, the opposition in the Assembly is collecting the signatures, in order to hold an extraordinary session against lifting the tariff on Serbian goods.

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