Brother of Lumir Abdixhiku’s wife gets a working place in Vjosa Osmani’s Cabinet News

Speaker of the Assembly, Vjosa Osmani, has started to complete her cabinet. Among employees near her is Rinor Kastrati, brother in law of Lumir Abdixhiku, Kosovo’s new Minister of Infrastructure.

The news Portal Gazeta Blic has contacted Mr. Kastrati, and the latter confirmed that he’s employed in the Cabinet of the Assembly Speaker, Vjosa Osmani.

Mr. Kastrati also admitted that he is a relative of Lumir Abdixhiku, by saying that the new Minister of Infrastructure is his son-in-law.

“I’m employed in the office of Speaker Osmani. For the moment I’m part of her Cabinet, as we’ve not yet been assigned responsibilities. Lumir Abdixhiku is my sister’s husband,” Kastrati said for Blic.

Asked about eventual political influence on his appointment, Kastrati said that he is part of the LDK since 2017. He even says that he was engaged with the election campaigns in the 2017 and 2019 elections.

“I have been part of the LDK since 2017. I have worked for the LDK in the 2017 and 2019 election campaigns,” he stressed.

“I have graduated from AUK, and I completed master’s degree in the U.S., in economics,” he concluded.

Otherwise, in the last elections Vjosa Osmani was a candidate for prime minister from the Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK), and is now heading the Kosovo Assembly.

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