Arben Gashi: We need to drop the tariff, and not replace it with reciprocity without coordination with the U.S. News

The LDK deputy, Arben Gashi said that this party has long been against the tariff.

According to Gashi, if after its drop Serbia does not change its attitudes towards Kosovo, then reciprocity measures should be put in place, but in full cooperation with the international community, especially with the U.S.

“The LDK and VV have been campaigning against tariffs on goods from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and it was stated that this will be replaced by reciprocity. Thus, our voters, through their vote, have contributed on strengthening our position about this issue. Informal surveys with the citizens show that they supporting the tariff drop for the sake of preserving relations with our allies. Kosovo’s politics and diplomacy have failed to justify the 100% tariff. The LDK intends to cooperate and coordinate actions with our allies, primarily with the U.S., by briefing them on the obstacles Serbia undertakes against Kosovo. With the tariff dropped, and in case that Serbia’s policy will not change, the reciprocal measures will be applied, in full cooperation with our coalition partners and the broader political spectrum,” Gashi said.

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