Another suspected case of coronavirus in Kosovo; Minister says it’s quarantined News

Minister of Health, Arben Vitia, said today that there is a suspicious case of coronavirus, which is being examined in the UCCK.

According to his words, the results of examinations are expected to be released within two hours, although he has announced that the case is isolated.

‘It’s an isolated case, that entered the country as isolated and it’s a quarantined. He has not crossed the corridors we are in any way,” Vitia said.

Minister Vitia also mentioned that there were two other cases with common flu on Saturday, but since they stayed in Italy, they have asked voluntarily to make examinations and check if they’re infected with coronavirus. Luckily, both results were negative.

The Minister made these statements today, during the inauguration of the Microbiology Laboratory at the UCCK’s Infectious Disease Clinic.

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