Analysts say that the U.S. draft-agreement is good, though it might need further analyzes News

The draft-agreement, designed and sponsored by the U.S. is considered acceptable and very good by Kosovo’s political analyst, Ramush Tahiri.

“The draft-agreement on normalization of relations between Kosovo and Serbia, sponsored and drafted by the U.S., considering its commitment for the independence of Kosovo, is very good and acceptable issue, bearing in mind that both parties will willingly sign the agreement, which will then be ratified by the Assembly of Kosovo and the Assembly of Serbia,” Tahiri said for the Periskopi.

While commenting two options that proposed to the presidents of both countries, Border Correction or Association plus, Tahiri said that it is up to the Kosovo Assembly to decide which option to vote for.

“A form of frozen conflict that is going on since 1999, when Kosovo was finally liberated and came under international administration, is continuing between Serbia and Kosovo. This is unsustainable situation, which can escalate into impatience and conflict. Only a settlement by mutual agreement and mutual recognition can be in favor of peace and stability in the region, coupled with the membership of these two states at the same time in the European Union. It is up to the Assembly of Kosovo to select and decide which variant of the solution is more appropriate: redefining the Kosovo-Serbia border or Ahtisaari plus or any third solution,” he said.

According to Tahiri, the exchange of territories is the best solution.

“I would go for opinion is 1, as the reality must be accepted, as Kosovo refuses to accept any solution that renders a dysfunctional state must, as that it doesn’t want to have hostilities with Serbia, nor to share its sovereignty with Serbia, nor to drive out its membership in the EU, or its permanent friendship with the United States of America,” he explained further.

On the other side, analyst Faton Abdullahu said that any of the options will impose changes to the Constitution and will therefore be a very difficult solution.

“Any agreement with Serbia that requires the amendment of the Constitution of Kosovo will be difficult and will create problems of different nature, which are hard to be predicted. Otherwise, the draft-offer should be considered as completed, and therefore two available options need to be analyzed how can they be adjusted further within our constitution, in order to determine which one might be better for us,” Abdullahu explained for Periskopi.

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