Abelard Tahiri to Kurti: Where’s the program? Where is the program? Where is the program?

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Former Minister of Justice, Abelard Tahiri, have addressed new critics toward Prime Minister Kurti for failing to deliver his governing program, although a week has passed since he took the office.

In fact, Mr. Kurti had presented his program in very thick terms, by reading the agreement on co-government that he had with the Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK).

Tahiri also criticized Mr. Kurti for not attending any Cabinet meeting until today, and instead he went for a visit to Albania as Prime Minister.

“It is strange and unprecedented how the Government led by Albin Kurti, even after a week of its formation, has not held its first meeting and has not yet disclosed its governing program to the citizens. Instead, the Prime Minister has chosen to pay a visit abroad.

This fact represents a clear indication that we’re dealing with a politician that is incapable of understanding and managing the executive. The prime minister’s priority today was not to meet with his cabinet and determine the basic tasks, nor to offer a program that would serve for recognizing the political, economic and social orientation of country’s main issues and development, but a visit to Albania.

Yet, his visit, while not yet fulfilling his primary function as the Prime Minister, represents a typical warning for his political style of irresponsibility and deception, which he tries to sell us as the ordinary job of a Prime Minister.

Kurti’s irresponsible behavior towards expectations that citizens have, who rightly demand to know the priorities agenda for Kosovo, is disturbing ,” Tahiri stressed on his post on Facebook.

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