Veseli: It’s the first time that a Kosovo Prime Minister stands against NATO News

Leader of the opposition, Kadri Veseli, wrote today that for him is disturbing to hear for the first time that a Kosovo prime minister qualifies agreements with NATO as the violation of Kosovo’s interests.

“It is disturbing that for the first time a Kosovo Prime Minister qualifies agreements with NATO as opposite to Kosovo’s interests.

During our liberation war, I’ve personally witnessed the actions of this Alliance, led by the United States of America, together with us, and in the interest of Kosovo, for liberation of our country and for returning of hundreds of thousands Kosovo citizens to their homes.

Our goal is NATO membership and not their removal from any part of Kosovo.

Kosovo’s sovereignty today is not endangered by NATO nor by NATO agreements, but by Serbia’s aggressiveness and threats.

NATO represents a guarantee of Kosovo’s sovereignty and integrity,” Veseli wrote on his Facebook account.

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