Unbelievable: Vetevendosje changes its stance on reciprocity with Serbia and accepts coordination with the U.S.

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When former government officials have listened advices/orders of the international partners, Vetevendosje and its media attacked them for being feared of the Special Court. However, a strong man within Vetevendosje (VV) is now indicating that he will coordinate with the U.S., even on the major topic raised by his party during the election campaign: the reciprocity.

“I don’t know exactly when the agenda is, but we will coordinate fully with the United States of America,” head of the Vetevendosje parliamentary group, Rexhep Selimi said earlier today.

From the “full reciprocity” VV had thus moved to full coordination. This was, among others  demanded by the leader of the LDK, Isa Mustafa, as well, and that was seen as the first rift between two coalition partners, although just few have seen the speed by which Prime Minister Kurti has changed his previous stances.

“No tariff and no reciprocity cannot be compared with the weight of the partnership, especially with that of the U.S., nor with the EU.” – Mustafa stressed three days ago through a Facebook status.

What is expected to happen?

The transition from the full reciprocity with Serbia toward partial reciprocity, in order to please the U.S., and thus Serbia, which would in turn sit back to negotiating table. This is the full answer to such question – considering Vetevendosje’s new stance, Periskopi reports.

Trade reciprocity would include retesting and re-inspecting of all goods imported from Serbia, considering that Serbia does that with all Kosovo imports.

Moreover, the issue is so banal that the local police should prevent the transport of goods by banning its exporters, sometimes just for fun.

Yet, Kosovo is surely not able to implement the same measures Serbia can implement, as it lacks necessary capacities in sanitary inspections, laboratory testing and – even worst – in accurate recognition of non-tariff barriers that Serbia does almost regularly.

All this would severely affect the business climate in Kosovo, as the exports from Serbia have amounted to over 500 Million Euros, while Kosovo exports to Serbia are just 50. Moreover, even these 500 Million is minimal for the Serbian economy, as it makes just 2.5 percent of it.

The political reciprocity is better to forget.

Let us not forget, however, that it is not Vetevendosje who is currently refusing to sit down with Serbia at the same negotiating table. It is Serbia that is refusing to sit down with Vetevendosje/Kosovo.

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