Two elected mayors in northern municipalities didn’t swear in News

The solemn oath of elected Mayor of Mitrovica North,  Goran Rakic, has been indefinitely postponed today.

This is confirmed by Dejan Guresic, chairman of the Municipal Assembly of Mitrovica North.

Grubesic did not provide any particular reason for Rakic’s decision.

Meanwhile, Bashkim Cimili, Vice-President of the Municipal Assembly of Mitrovica North, told to KosovaPress Agency that he doesn’t know about the reasons that influenced the session to be postponed.

“I have no information and don’t have any comment on this,” Cimili says.

In parallel, same thing happened in Zvecan, as the solemn oath of the elected mayor of this municipality, Vucina Jankovic, was not held either.

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