These are decisions taken today by the Kurti Government News

The Government of Kosovo held its second meeting today.

The Prime Minister Kurti’s cabinet has overturned the Haradinaj Government’s decision from the end of 2017 for raising its salaries, Periskopi reports.

In the decision from December 20, 2017, the Haradinaj Government had decided to increase the salaries by 100 percent. Prime Minister Haradinaj’s salary hence rose from 1,500 euros to 2,950 euros.

In addition, the new Government of Kosovo has decided that the proposal for the extension of the appropriations to be sent to the Assembly for approval.

Minister of Finance and Transfers, Bisnik Bislimi, demanded from the cabinet members to allocate funds for March.

“At this meeting I present the request for allocation of funds for March, until the adoption of the budget for 2020,” he stressed.

The Government also voted for the group that will in charge for celebration of the 12th anniversary of Kosovo’s independence.

Prime Minister, Albin Kurti, underlined that it’s necessary to form this group.

The group will be led by Deputy Prime Minister, Haki Abazi.

“We will need a working group that will make all organizations already traditional for the celebration of independence,” Kurti said, while subsequently nominated other members of this group: Vlora Dumoshi, Anton Quni and Emilija Redzepi.

Further, Prime Minister Kurti has informed the government ministers that during next couple of days he will request them to forward a letter about the situation in all departments.

“Soon I will send a letter to all ministers, in order to record the situation in the ministries. In terms of project processes and challenges we will be scanning the situation,” Kurti clarified. Afterwards, as he sated, the government will hold a long meeting to discuss the governing program.

“We will soon inform you of a longer one-day meeting, to deepen and advance the program with a new government program, with the participation of all the ministers of this cabinet, all our 18-member team,” Kurti stressed.

Over 400,000 Euros were allocated for repairing the damages caused by windy weather in the schools in Peja and Istog.

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