The LDK: Kurti will decide today on the reciprocity; we have no stance on this News

At the meeting of the Government of Kosovo, which is expected to be held at 16:00, Prime Minister Kurti is expected to announce the decision on the 100 percent tariff.

The source of the Blic newspaper within the LDK says that Kurti has already decided to drop the 100 percent tariff, imposed by former Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj, and to announce full reciprocity measures against Serbia. Mr. Kurti will inform the cabinet about this during the cabinet meeting, same source added.

“We, as the Democratic League of Kosovo, currently have no stance on this matter. Our senior party officials within the Government are dealing with this issue. We may formulate our stance during the day,” the newspaper source clarified.

Otherwise, the U.S. had ultimately warned Prime Minister Kurti about the need to urgently drop the tariff, coupled with the specific demand that no other measure can be imposed.

This was also publicly said by Kosovo government officials from the LDK, as well as by its leader, Isa Mustafa.

The LDK officials are in line with U.S. and EU stances and demands – for the tariff to be dropped and with no further measures imposed.

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