Thaçi: Meeting with Vucic was about the possibility of reaching a final agreement News

On Monday Kosovo President, Hashim Thaci, had a meeting in Washington with Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic.

Thaci told Radio Free Europe (RFE) that they discussed “the necessity of a peaceful solution to Kosovo-Serbia issues” and about “the possibility of reaching a final agreement.”

“The meeting was fair, constructive and with no particular issue risen. There’s a good will to move things forward in the interest of both countries,” Thaci said.

“The end of the dialogue must come as soon as possible, with a final agreement that implies mutual recognition, no less or more, and under current territorial integrity. The whole process will help accelerate Kosovo’s integration into NATO and the EU, as well as Kosovo’s membership in the United Nations. We have no time to lose and we certainly need to work closely with our partners. We cannot expect other addresses, such as the European Union, represented by two people whose countries (Spain and Slovakia) have not recognized Kosovo’s independence. Now we have an offer from Washington and we must move forward,” Thaci explained.

When asked what Washington’s bid is,  Thaci said the U.S. has recognized Kosovo as an independent state, it has worked for Kosovo’s liberation and independence, and that “the US bid is peace, stability, development and integration into NATO and the EU.”

President Thaçi announced that the meeting with Vucic was held at the invitation of the special envoy for the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia, Richard Grenell, and that the U.S. National Security Advisor, Robert O’Brien, was also present.

According to Thaci, the meeting didn’t tackle “special issues,” and that both Kosovo and Serbia appreciated the “United States leadership role” in the dialogue.

“I hope that in the next stages we will have the substance orientations, as well as the timelines. But what I can say right now is that this meeting was a goodwill and a symbolic meeting of sending the message of peace to Kosovo and Serbia and to the Western Balkans,” Thaci told the RFE.

Monday’s meeting, Thaci said, has reaffirmed the commitment of the U.S. President Donald Trump for moving things forward with a new dynamic.

Earlier, in a post on Facebook Thaci said that he expected to be able to report to the Kosovo Assembly on Wednesday or Thursday, in order to notify Kosovo deputies and its citizens about the meetings in Washington, and more specifically about the meeting he had on Monday.

Thaci and Vucic had separate visits i  the U.S. During these visits the U.S. officials demanded that both sides take actions for ensuring resumption of the talks for normalizations of the relations between two countries.

The U.S. officials are urging Kosovo to lift the tariff it imposed in November 2018 on all Serbian goods, while Belgrade to end its campaign for withdrawal of recognitions of Kosovo’s independence.

The dialogue on normalizing relations between Kosovo and Serbia was interrupted since the establishment of the tariff.

Kosovo’s Prime Minister, Albin Kurti, announced last week that he will temporarily and partially remove the tariff, although Grenell has said that he doesn’t support Kurti’s “half measures.” On the other hand, the European Union, as facilitator of the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue, has welcomed his announcement.

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