Thaci disappointed with the advisers of Merkel and Macron: They didn’t even mention visa liberalization News

Following the meeting he had with Jan Hecker, adviser to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and Emmanuel Bonne, adviser to French President Emmanuel Macron, President Thaci said that the meeting was quite ordinary and without any concrete stance for any matter from their side, Periskopi reports.

Thaci also said that he remains very disappointed, as Merkel’s and Macron’s envoys have not even raised the topic of visa liberalization for Kosovo.

“Unfortunately, nothing was heard today about visa liberalization for Kosovo. And, if I would not open it as a topic, it would not even be raised for discussion. This is extremely frustrating, considering that the EU was ready to make the decision on visa liberalization for Kosovo five years ago. This failure of the EU, this rigid opposition, and now a punitive attitude towards Kosovo is unjust, in terms of political and strategic actuality, “Thaçi said.

According to the president, he made it clear to the EU that its involvement in the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue may happen only after visa liberalization, even though, as Thaci underlined, the EU is unprepared in this regard.

“My position was very clear. First, the EU should make the decision on visa liberalization and then think whether it has the capacity, vision and leadership to push forward the Kosovo-Serbia normalization dialogue. From what I saw today, the EU is unprepared for the second phase, while thinking elegantly to move on to the issue of visa liberalization and to move on to the next phase,” Thaci concluded.

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