Telekom denies the Koha Ditore’s news: Lawyer Nushi never received a 12,000 Euro salary News

The Kosovo Telekom has denied through a statement for the media the news published in Koha Ditore newspaper, as well as on news portal, that a Telekom official received a salary of over 12,000 Euro per month.

“Clarification for the public opinion about the article “Top Paid of the Telecom: A Legal Officer received a 12,300 Euro monthly salary,” published on web site, on 24 February 2020 and on the article “Legal Officer in Telekom received 12,300 Euro just in September 2018,”published in Koha Ditore daily, on 25 February 2020:

During September 2019, Lawyer Gazmend Nushi was contracted by the  Kosovo Telekom with 2 (two) Contracts of Deed, whose gross value was 6,150.00 Euros (3,200 Euros + 2950 Euros).

Payment for September 2019 under these Contracts was made to Attorney Gazmend Nushi on September 30, 2019. After deduction of the income tax and pension contributions, net amount of 4,981.50 Euros (four thousand nine hundred eighty-one Euro/fifty Cents) was transferred to his bank account.). This is the only salary amount for September 2019 that the Kosovo Telekom has paid to Lawyer Gazmend Nushi. The misunderstanding occurred due to an error in calculating the salary for the Advocate concerned for August 2019, in which case the value of the pension contributions was not withheld.

This error was remedied in Attorney’s salary for September 2019, by making double deduction of pension contributions (for September 2019 and for August 2019). For this reason, the Financial Service of the Kosovo Telekom had just formally made a double declaration of the Gross Pay for September 2019 of 12,300 Euro (6,150 Euro x 2), as it was the only opportunity for the software to recognize the possibility of double  payment of pension contributions. Of course, the amount of EUR 6,150 was deducted immediately. So, after calculation and deduction of income tax, to the said lawyer was transferred a net sum of 4,981.50 Euros (four thousand nine hundred and eighty-one euro/fifty cents) on behalf of the salary for September 2019. Finally, Lawyer Gazmend Nushi never received a salary of 12,300 Euros from the Kosovo Telekom, as stated in the articles above. The Kosovo Telekom regrets this misunderstanding, which has been created in the public as a result of the error in the salary calculations described above. Collaboration with the media and correct information is essential for us. Our work, in line with our duties and responsibilities, requires real exposure to the public, hence we, as Telekom, need cooperation with the media, for the mutual interest. We have invited the media to be partners in important processes and stages that the corporation is going through. Information published previously, on December 2019, about spending is also inaccurate. Any tendentious writing, like that of few days ago, according to which Management of the Telekom in December spent a staggering amount on travels and wages – does not stand. We thus confirm with full responsibility that the entire management spent on daily expenses and travels a total of 1,600 Euros, during the whole month of December,” the Telekom statement clarifies.

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